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3 doors to the Boardwalk! Steps to the sand!

South Mission Beach, California
What's close by?

  • 5 minutes to Sea World
  • 15 minutes to the Airport
  • 20 minutes to the Zoo
  • 15 minutes to Downtown San Diego and the Midway and Harbor

**This property has convenient access to the Mission Bay Aquatics Park, "The World's Finest Aquatic Playground!" Get ready for fishing, boating, waterskiing, sailing, picnicking, volleyball, softball, beach fires, horseshoes, kite-flying, with 17 miles of ocean front beaches, eleven marinas, restaurants, shopping, and over two miles of official Swimming Areas!

Take Interstate 8 West to Mission Bay Drive exit. (you will turn Right onto that exit and onto Mission Bay Drive)

Pay close attention and carefully read the signs which lead you to Mission Beach. These signs are very clear and easy, but the turn comes quickly. Follow the signs which will indicate that you must stay in the right hand lane to merge onto West Mission Bay Drive by making a right hand loop up onto West Mission Bay Drive.

Take West Mission Bay Drive to Mission Blvd. Turn Left on Mission Blvd. (You will notice the Big Roller Coaster at Belmont Park! (Congrats! You are now in Mission Beach!)

Just past the Roller Coaster and public parking lot be sure to slow down and watch carefully for the street signs. You will pass San Fernando, then Ensenada St. The next street is Dover Court, but do not go too fast as you want to turn BEFORE Dover Ct. The street signs indicate the sidewalks which the homes face onto. There is no street in front of the house. You must drive in the alley behind the Beach House to get to your parking spot. You will be turning in the alley just after Ensenada Court. This is the Dover Court Alley and the access to the back of the Beach House where you will be parking. (If you miss this turn you have to go down a block and do a u-turn and start the process all over from the public parking lot area.)

Look for a tan building with the sign " posted on it.

Welcome! You made it! Park in the covered carport area in your designated and marked parking spot.

726½ Dover
724½ Dover

3285 #3 Ocean Front Walk

726 Dover

722 Dover
724 Dover

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